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5 Reasons to Not Ignore Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss affects one in three adults by age 65. Don’t accept a bit of hearing loss as a normal and unavoidable part of aging because not taking action can lead to consequences such as:

  1. Social isolation: It may not seem like a big issue now, but as time goes on, you’re likely to shy away from social situations more and more.
  2. Depression: Over time, this decline in social engagement can lead to feelings of depression. Cognitive decline A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found an alarming link between hearing loss and poor cognitive health.
  3. Physical harm: When one of your senses functions improperly, you can’t gauge your surroundings as well, putting you at risk for injury.
  4. Slowed financial growth: As unlikely as it sounds, research shows working adults with unaddressed hearing loss may end up making less money.

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