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Say ‘So Long’ to Sugar — Cutting Sugar Improves Health

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A new study shows that cutting sugar from children’s diets—particularly obese children—dramatically improves health markers.

Avoiding added sugars may benefit children’s health, according to a recent study. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco and Touro University California, found restricting added sugar, even while not restricting overall calories, reduced dangerous blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels during a 10-day period.

Unhealthy cholesterol dropped by as much as 10 points in some children. The kids also began to feel more full after eating, even though they were consuming the same amount of calories.

Spotting the Problem

Proposed label changes to the nutrition facts label will help parents spot added sugars in their families’ food. Common culprits include sweetened milk and yogurt, cookies, cake, pies, ice cream, fruit drinks, and
regular soda.

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